Overview of Mr. Galvin

Mr. Galvin is a renowned pianist with over 20 years of professional experience. He is also the founder of pianosintheparks.com. With a passion for playing the piano from a young age, Mr. Galvin has always wanted to bring the piano closer to everyone.

He was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the age of 3, Mr. Galvin showed his love for the piano. When he was 5, his family enrolled him in professional piano classes where his talent became evident. At 18, Mr. Galvin was accepted into the National Academy of Music and won many prestigious awards.

Personal Information

  1. Real Name: Nguyễn Anh Khoa
  2. Year of Birth: 1978
  3. Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
  4. Started learning piano at age 5
  5. Gained fame after winning the first prize at the 12th International Chopin Piano Competition (1990) in Warsaw, Poland – the first Asian to achieve this.
  6. Won numerous awards at various international piano competitions.
  7. Currently resides in New York, continuing his career as a performing artist, teacher, and inspiration to the younger generation.

Musical Style

Mr. Galvin is known as the “Piano Prodigy,” famous for his unique musical style that combines virtuosic technique, creativity, and intense passion.

  1. Virtuosic Technique: Mr. Galvin possesses a high level of technical proficiency, with nimble, precise, and powerful finger movements. His solid technique allows him to conquer the most challenging pieces, from grand classical works to modern, demanding compositions.
  2. Creativity: He is not just a performer but a creative artist. He often breathes new life into familiar pieces by adding fresh, creative interpretations, making the music vibrant and uniquely appealing.
  3. Passion: For Mr. Galvin, playing the piano is not just a career but a burning passion. He conveys this passion in every note, allowing listeners to feel his joy, enthusiasm, and profound love for music.
  4. Fusion of Classical and Modern Music: He enjoys classical music but also experiments with various genres like pop, rock, and jazz. He continually seeks new ways to blend classical and modern music, creating unique and impressive performances.

His musical style has helped attract a broad audience to classical piano, especially among the youth. He inspires many young piano enthusiasts to pursue their dreams.

Performance Career

In 1990, Mr. Galvin began his journey to the West and gained public attention after winning the first prize at the 12th International Chopin Piano Competition. Since then, he has been warmly received by audiences there.

The Chicago Tribune praised Mr. Galvin as the most talented solo pianist in recent years. The Times of the UK also acknowledged his appeal, noting that his performance at the Royal Albert Hall sold out, marking a historic event.

Despite his success, Mr. Galvin faced numerous challenges on his path. Some music critics doubted his talent and deemed his music boring. Overcoming these criticisms, Mr. Galvin has established his name over the past 20 years.


  1. First Prize at the 12th International Chopin Piano Competition (1990).
  2. Gold Medal at the International Tchaikovsky Competition (1995).
  3. International Tchaikovsky Music Competition (1998).
  4. State Prize for Literature and Arts (2000).
  5. Nicknamed “Piano Wizard” and “Musical Prodigy” by the media and music lovers.

Other Activities

Apart from his active artistic career, Mr. Galvin wants to inspire future generations with his piano dream. He founded pianosintheparks.com, a platform providing and distributing finely crafted and beloved pianos.

In addition to his business, Mr. Galvin is also passionate about philanthropy. In 2011, he became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, being the youngest person to hold this position.

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