Coming on July 16, 2015 to a park or open space near you: A Piano!

Last summer, the lavishly painted pianos were placed in parks throughout Seattle and King County as shown on the map below.

After the official launch on July 16, 2015, an updated map with all piano locations, will appear below. You’ll be able to check the map for directions and click on a park image to learn about each piano and the artist who painted/decorated it.

PLAYING IN THE RAIN? The pianos will be under tents so they can be played rain or shine. They’ll also have a tarp attached to them for stronger protection in case of bad weather. Feel free to “tarp them” if you pass by in heavy rain and they’re uncovered. And don’t forget to put the lid down over the keyboard, when you’re done playing. Thank You!

OUR “PIANO PROTECTORS” ARE THE BEST! A bunch of local companies and organizations have volunteered to keep nearby pianos safe from weather. We’ll list all of them here by mid-July.